Bulls Eye Packaging Shrink Sleeves


Shrink sleeve enhances your product by providing a visual impact and can also act as a tamper evident seal. PET, PVC, OPS and PLA sleeves are heated to shrink for a snug fit on nearly any surface offering a 360 degrees view of Gravure and Offset printed graphic. Shrink sleeves conforms to shapes that are hard to label.

Benefits of Shrink Sleeves

  • Allows for complete decoration (full-body 360° labeling)
  • Suitable for metal, glass and plastic packaging containers.
  • Special effects such as thermo/photo/relief and metallic effects enhance appeal.
  • Optimally suited for tamper evident seals (freshness seals/security seals), promotional effects and full-body labeling
  • High quality Decoration of an unusual shape.
  • Reduced inventory costs.
  • Shorter runs and lead times.