Bulls Eye Packaging Labels


Our labels are produced on state-of-the-art equipment, which allows us to offer multilingual labels of nearly any size and quantity, front or reverse printing and a choice of substrates ranging from polyethylene to polypropylene to polystyrene – any paper or film available on the market.

Our labels are of the highest quality using several printing technologies to get the highest quality product.

Printing methods used are: Letterpress, Offset, Flexo, Roto-Gravure, Silk Screen and Digital Printing- 10 colors plus lacquer.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive labels provide endless possibilities for enhancing a product. Including:

  • UV and Metalized inks
  • Thermochromatic and Glow in the Dark ink.
  • Scratch and Smell
  • Pearl or Polished effects
  • Lamination
  • Protective Coating
  • Lacquer or Matte varnish
  • Hot/Cold Stamping
  • Embossing

Booklet Labels and Extended Content Labels

Ideal for an array of uses, including:

  • Regulatory information for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or chemicals.
  • Nutritional information for food and beverage.
  • Multiple-language labels.
  • Sales promotions, coupons, recipes or product instructions.
  • Games, stories, jokes or other consumer appeal

Reseal Labels

Ideal for repeat use in different industries

When you need to open and close the label repeatedly, resealable labels are the solution. A label that is produced from plastic material with an adhesive that is re-sealable. This label type is used for flexible packaging mainly in the wet wipes industry.

Intelligent Labels

  • TTI (time temperature indicators) Indicators that show the quality of the product. TTI shows the expiry date subject to the temperature that the product was exposed to.
  • RF Identification. Used for unique identification of pallets cartons or any item.
  • Track, trace and supply chain management.
  • Anti-counterfeiting technologies

Scratch and Sniff Labels

Mainly used in the cosmetics industry for promoting scents.

Coupon Labels

The coupon labels increase the exposure area (the layer that is adjoined can be printed on both sides in addition to the face of the bottom label). There is also a possibility for partial adhesive so as to prevent full removal of the top label

  • Increasing the printing area unlike a regular label.
  • Possibility for removal of coupon as a guarantee, save money coupon, recipes etc.
  • For promotional purposes.

Tote Strip and Logo Grip Handles

Our patent pending Tote Strip can be applied by hand or machine, the Tote-Strip and Logo-Grip handles allow consumers a convenient way to carry products ranging from a half-liter water bottle to bulky boxes.

Tote-Strip and Logo-Grip handles are ideal for:

  • Beverage bottles on the go
  • Special promotions at shopping centers, sporting events, amusement parks etc…
  • Multiple-container food and beverage packs
  • Bulky packages

Tamper Evident Labels

  • Stop theft of valuable or high-risk goods
  • Designed to make improper opening of a product's packaging evident to the purchaser

Tear Perforation Labels

Used for promotional purposes

Linerless Labels

This label provides an environmentally friendly label option as there is no liner to dispose of.

Double Sided Labels

Glow in the Dark Labels

Clear Labels