Bulls Eye Packaging Film Products


Bull’s Eye Packaging offers an extensive array of flexible barrier films and technologically advanced packaging solution to optimize the shelf life of chilled food. Also suitable for lidding on preformed trays or as a top web. Film can be provided in a printed or unprinted form.


Works on all machines TFFS, VFFS, HFFS

  • Thickness from 1 mil to 4 mil
  • Wide variety of sealing layer; lock and easy peel to: PE, PP, PS, PET, PVC, AL
  • Excellent optical and anti fog properties
  • Different barrier levels LB, MB and HB.

    1. Low barrier film – for breathable packaging
    2. Medium barrier film – for vacuum packaging
    3. High barrier film – for protection against oxidation

Multiform Thermoforming Film:

  • Excellent forming properties
  • Outstanding mechanical and optical properties
  • High and medium barrier
  • Perfect seal even through product residue
  • Thickness from 3 mil to 11 mil
  • Suitable for deep freezing down to -40° F
  • Suitable for pasteurization up to 205° F

Vacuum and Map Pouches:

  • Excellent mechanical properties and low thickness
  • Symmetrical – no curling
  • Thickness from 2 mil to 11 mil
  • High and medium barrier
  • Excellent seal properties; high hot tech, sealing through wrinkles
  • Microwavable with grades suitable for boiling
  • Easy peel option

Vacuum Skin Packaging:

  • Different barrier levels: HB for fresh chilled product
  • LB for frozen product
  • Range of thickness from 3 mil to 9 mil
  • Seals to; PS, APET, & PVC
  • Excellent optical and forming properties


Providing a wide variety of packaging solutions including beautiful, reliable lidding for polypropylene cups

PET LIDS come with gloss or matte finish. These lids may be printed in up to 8 colors for vibrant, eye catching graphics. Suitable for all filling and sealing machines

PET LIDS Benefits:

  • Excellent tear resistance
  • Outstanding puncture resistance
  • High mechanical stiffness
  • No sharp edges
  • Reliable seal with smooth peel off of polypropylene caps
  • PET lids do not interfere with x-rays and other metal detection technologies


WE offer a variety of sizes in Pre cut Aluminum foil lids. Aluminum Lids can seal to wide variety of material such as PS,PP,PET,PVC,PE.

Benefits of Aluminum lids:

  • Good sealing strength with tight and flat performance
  • Aluminum can be recycled
  • Colors of print are bright on the Aluminum comes in gloss or matte finish.
  • Leakage resistance
  • Can be stackable