Bulls Eye Packaging Flexible Packaging Products



A world leader of flexible packaging solutions.

Our Company offers a full range of multi-layered rotogravure and flexo conversion packaging. Our flexible laminates are provided in reels and ready-made pouches with features ranging from stand-up gussets to zippers and laser scoring.

In fact, our in-house laser scoring technology is among the worlds most advanced, allowing highly reliable easy-opening features that may even be curved. We are a world leader in retort technology and on the cutting edge of MAP packaging.


We offer a variety of preformed pouches for food and homecare applications. Features such as special shapes and laser perforation allow us to enhance the marketing and functionality of your products.

Stand Up Pouches

The SUP is the most technically advanced flexible package. In its most advanced form, it replaces the common tin can. The advantages include cost, cost of packing, transport and reduce waste volume. We are among the world leaders in SUP technology, providing solutions ranging from retort pouches to pouches for chemicals and hazardous materials.

Spouted Pouches

Mounting a spout or other fitment onto a flexible pouch puts pouches neck-and-neck with bottles in terms of consumer convenience. Tamper evident and fillable at high speed.

Some benefits they deliver throughout the manufacturing and marketing cycle:

    1. Environmental friendliness – lower volume of pouches compared to bottles, taking less space both in transport and disposal.
    2. Cost effectiveness – Less expensive to produce, transport and store compared to bottles.
    3. Greater design options and possibilities, including novel shaped pouches, as well as spout placement on the top, corner, or bottom of the pouch.